Open Market vs. Off Market Flip

Truth: There is no such thing as an ugly house!

In today’s positive economic environment and housing market there are many opportunists. One in particular which we all know as the house “flipper”. Some of these flippers are paying thousands of dollars at seminars and workshops to “learn the secrets and tricks”to make money in the real estate flipping business. I’ll tell you the secret for free…buy real estate CHEAP! The “Fix and flip” business is motivated in the exact opposite direction as our clients wanting to sell. Our clients want to get the MOST money for their property, while conversely the flipper wants to pay the LEAST for properties. In order to advance their endeavors, flippers spend countless hours canvassing neighborhoods with mail and phone calls looking for target properties. Target properties being the aesthetically challenged so to speak. There are now multi million dollar campaigns run by nation wide companies seeking real estate to fix and flip. The flippers don’t want property owners speaking to real estate professionals so they can create a false narrative in which commission charged by real estate professionals is costly and burdensome. Yet, we know without a doubt, when put to the task of helping sellers get the MOST money for their property, we can confidently get 10-20% more money for the same property by marketing on the OPEN MARKET for ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS; full exposure! If you or someone you know is asked to sell a property “off market” and without the full benefit of proven systems we use for maximum exposure and TOP DOLLAR you’re being asked to sell your home at a DISCOUNT. Please rely on real estate professionals with experience!

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